Auto Injury Chiropractic Treatment

Involved in an Auto Injury? You have chosen the right place to start your recovery. With multiple locations to choose from and a wide range of treatment options, we have what you need to get better and start living life again.

Unfortunately, sometimes the insurance companies can be a pain to deal with when all you want to do is feel better. We have the answers and solutions to your needs. We always encourage our patients to be informed before getting an attorney. Sometimes it is not necessary for an attorney. However, many times it is. So how do you know if you need an attorney or not? Our doctors have the experience to examine the entire body for signs and symptoms seen in auto injuries. Our examinations are comprehensive and detailed to assure proper documentation and treatment of each condition. This is vital in telling your story to the attorney and insurance companies involved and reduce your stress of just trying to get better. Let us help you through this difficult time. Don’t wait!

Common Symptoms and Injuries After an Auto Accident

How The Body Heals

Stages of Healing:

1. Inflammation / Acute Stage
This is the most difficult time for the patient. You are hurting and need relief. We can help you reduce the pain within a short period of time. Understanding soft tissue injuries helps us eliminate pain quickly and effectively.

2. Remodeling of Soft Tissue
This is one of the most important stages and happens after approximately 2 weeks of injury. In this stage, it is important to have the right therapies. Soft tissue that is healed improperly will cause future exacerbations that can be avoided. It is VERY important you seek a facility that does more than just spinal manipulation.

3. Rehabilitation
Once you are feeling better it is time to make sure it last. Rehabilitation should start as early as 4 weeks after the accident. Strengthening exercises are important for stability. Endurance is important for long lasting physical stresses. Range of Motion exercises is important to keep you mobile. By isolating the weaknesses in your spine, arms, legs, etc… we customize a treatment schedule to get you stable as quickly as possible.

GOALS: Eliminate Pain, Heal Properly, Stabilize and Discharge Patient

Every day we see people that are injured in an auto accident. Whether you are at fault or not you may have benefits available to treat your injuries. We are experienced and understand the biomechanics of auto injuries and will help correct your problems quickly. Be on the safe side and get an examination today to see if you need chiropractic treatment after a car accident, give us a call today.