Golf is a recreational activity enjoy by many. Here in Florida, there is a huge population of golfers. It is regarded as one of the best ways that you can exercise your mind and body while having fun. Then again, like in any other sport, golf can also be a source of injuries, especially those that involve your spine and your back. A strong swing starts with a strong back.Chiropractic care helps golfers improve their distance off the tee by nearly 10%. [Journal Chiro Med 2009 Dec; 8(4):165-170]. Superstars like Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth rely on chiropractors to keep them healthy, prevent injury and compete at the highest level.

As such to prevent these kinds of injuries from occurring, here are some important reminders from your Spring Hill chiropractor here at Boze Chiropractic. First, it is important to check on your form and posture. Also, try to be less dependent on the cart and choose to walk the course. Your golf bags can be the source of your backache and vertebral subluxation. Try to invest in a portable hand-pull cart to carry your golf clubs. Lastly, always warm up.

For more tips on how you can prevent injury in golf and other recreational activities safely, naturally, and effectively, consult your trusted Spring Hill chiropractor at Boze Chiropractic. We aim to guide you towards optimal wellness by providing you with information and top-notch chiropractic care. Call us today at 844-774-6399 or request your appointment online to see what we can do for your golf game!