Rehabilitation in Spring Hill

Rehabilitation is used to stabilize and strengthen the spine and/or extremities. This is essential for a full recovery and prevention or relapse.

A key component to a healthy active lifestyle is the strength, endurance, and stabilization of your whole body. When you are suffering from acute, subacute or chronic conditions it is imperative you are fully recovered and not just “feeling better”. Relapse of pain and life-altering conditions are usually caused by instabilities.

Why rehabilitation with chiropractic care? Simple, if you have muscles that are not healthy and are causing your joints to work abnormally or even lock up, spinal manipulation alone will not correct the condition. Joint mobilization and restoring muscle integrity is the only true way of correcting most joint/muscle conditions.

Rehabilitation is usually coupled with physiotherapies and chiropractic manipulation for maximal benefits. We offer individualized therapy rooms for every patient to be comfortable and have one on one rehab every visit.

At Home Exercise Videos for Your Benefit

Neck Range of Motion

Back Stretches

Back Strengthening